Sensei Yahya Sigidi


Yahya Sigidi arrived in New York City in 1980 from Dominica in the West Indies. His father was a student at Pratt Institute in the early 80’s. In 1983 Yahya Sigidi was introduced to EP SYSTEM “Lafayette” after he got into a fight at school. His father concerned for his safety, thought that his son should learn Karate to give him an advantage. Yahya was already a lover of Saturday Shore Brothers Kunfu movies, so the idea of doing Karate intrigued him. He arrived at the Lafayette Gardens Center and was introduced to this new style of Martial Arts which combined Judo, Akido and Jujitsu. Yahya was nickname given to him at that time was “Sticks” because he was skinny and loved to kick.

Promotions back then in the EP System was once a year or when Sensei Bouncy thought you were ready. A white belt in the EP System was equivalent to a yellow or green belt in other systems. Yahya Sigidi Sigidi earned his Third Degree Black Belt on June 13th 1999 from Michael Bouncy Bailey, who was like a second dad to him and his class mates. Yahya gained long lasting friendships with Shannon Labrun, Heracio Blackwood, James Turner and Lamont Stokes.

Yahya Sigidi is a Chef at N.B.C and outside Consultant. He Has consulted in restaurant openings in various parts on New York and Florida. He co-founded Backlight Entertainment LLC. In 1995, with Andre Ricketts. Black Light Entertainment is an event planning entity that caters to mature professionals. His creativity and drive he credits to Karate and attending LaGuardia Music and Art HS from 1986-1990. Every day he credits God for introducing him to Shotokan Karate. It instilled in him calculated insight and willingness to help others.

Yahya Sigidi is a student of the E.P. SYSTEM SELF DEFENSE CLUB; he is also, Co- Head Instructor at the E.P. SYSTEM SELF DEFENSE CLUB Sacred Heart.