Michael Bret Bailey was born in Brooklyn, New York’s Kings County Hospital on July 8, 1954. At the age of 11, Michael was encouraged by his Mother to join Karate, after he was beaten up by a gang of youth in his neighborhood. Upon joining the Tompkins Avenue Self Defense Club, Michael was immediately taken under the wing of Professor Ed Pough and Co-Instructor Professor Calvin Meyers. During Michael’s early years as a martial artist, he was given the dojo name “Bouncy” because of his unique way of jumping up and down while sparring. Sensei Bouncy earned his black belt at age 18, and spent the next 30+ years under the direct supervision of Professor Ed Pough, eventually becoming his head instructor.  

Currently, Sensei Bouncy holds the title Grand Master of the E.P.SYSTEM SELF DEFENSE CLUB, given to him directly by the late Professor Ed Pough.

Grand Master, as he prefers to be called today, remembers it like it was just a few days ago, being summoned to the hospital by the then frail and sick Professor Ed Pough. “I arrived there with Black Belts Shem, Emilo, and Lou Brown. When I got there, Sensei removed his 1oz gold chain from around his neck and placed it around mine. Sensei said, in front of the others, “You are in charge of the system now; take good care of it”.

In 2005, Grand Master Bouncy retired from opening and regularly teaching at Dojos; however, he continues to keep his commitment as the Grand Master. When not on the golf course, you are sure to find him visiting dojos throughout the country.