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E.P. System
Self Defense Club


We have been around since the early 60s, our first dojo opended at the Tompkins Community Center on Park Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Back then, the school was called Tompkins Self Defense Club. We where the first to teach Karate and Ju Jitsu as one system.  This means all of our students are versatile in their physical abilities to perform the techniques of Shotokan Karate and Sanuces JuJitsu.

Our current mission is to show our members how to defend themselves through the use of Shotokan Karate, Jujitsu and Akido.  In addition, we look to improves our club members’ cardio respiratory endurance, Muscular strength, flexibility and body composition by employing a variety of exercises. We do this by providing safe, structured and supportive environments all while emphasizing self-discipline, respect and collectiveness. Some of the greats to come out of the E.P.System Self Defense Club are Michael “Bouncy Bailey”, Kenneth Bopee Shidder, Prince Katan, Lou Brown, Rasul “Brother” Nasir, Robert J. Cooper, James “Super” Cooper, and Yoel Judah.


Grand Masters



Ed. Pough


Grand Master

Michael "Bouncy" Bailey